Customize Your Event Menu With Kingsley Meats & Catering

Customize Your Event Menu With Kingsley Meats & Catering

A la carte catering services in Louisville, KY

Do you need food catered for your event? Customize your menu with delicious dishes from Kingsley Meats & Catering in Louisville, Kentucky. There are no restrictions when it comes to our a la carte menu. We'll put any dishes together in order to make your party or event special.

We let you choose the menu at Kingsley Meats & Catering

At Kingsley Meats & Catering, you can select delicious and flavorful dishes from our a la carte menu for your party or event. Our a la carte catering services include:

  • Fresh-cut chicken, beef and seafood
  • A variety of hors d'oeuvres
  • A variety of soups, salads and side dishes
  • A variety of trays (fruit, vegetable, meat & cheese, shrimp)
  • In-store pickup and delivery options

Many of our dishes on the a la carte catering menu are already packaged and ready to go at our store. However, we recommend that you call 502-459-7585 in advance to check on availability.

Set up services are available upon request. We hope you choose Kingsley Meats & Catering for premium a la carte catering services.